Introducing Boorsika online store

Boorsika online store is a reference for comparison, selection and online purchase of goods in a wide range of household appliances (refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, air purifiers, kitchen appliances, cooking supplies), audio and video (TV, home cinema, receiver digital, game console, multimedia player), office furniture, bed set, personal accessories (including a wide range of medical pillows, shaving accessories, home laser device, cosmetics and beauty accessories, watches, perfumes and colognes) that are used Various payment methods and nationwide distribution system have created a new experience in online sales of goods in Iran.
By supplying goods from original sources, Bursika online store aims to sell original and quality products with real prices, and respecting the consumer’s rights in having a product that is worthy of a smart purchase from an online store is the focus of business and He knows his job.
Bursika, as one of the best online shopping websites in Iran, has been able to be a reliable store in the field by guaranteeing the authenticity of goods through the contract of supplying goods with reputable domestic and foreign brands and guaranteeing the return of goods for 7 days and announcing free shipping within the limit of conventional purchases. Internet sales of various products have been very successful and gained a good position in the online retail market.

Internet business goals

1- Creating a unified retail market in Iran and neighboring countries with multilingual support
2- Market research in less used internet spaces and definition of earning models from these spaces
3- Providing and selling technical and engineering goods and services online
4- Speeding up the supply of goods and technical and engineering services
5- Creating a wide network of customers to provide services online